Aries Book Recommendations

Individuals born as an Aries enjoy a good battle settling on their books of choice, and something that is filled with thrilling suspense, from beginning to end, usually fits the bill. Today, we have the three book recommendations for Aries that we believe would be enjoyable reads.

“Conquistador” by Esmeralda Santiago

Set in the 1830’s, this book follows a young Spanish women’s journey from an aristocratic debutant to a female conquistador. Ana marries at the tender age of eighteen and finds her perfect life turned upside down as the Civil War breaks out. Through the pages, we follow Ana as she journeys to Puerto Rico, and what awaits the newly married couple in the form of hardships and joys. Most importantly, read how Ana makes her dreams become reality and learn how she adjusts in times of crisis.

This epic story is full of adventure, history and is perfect for any Aries.

Esmeralda Santiago also wrote the best-selling memoir entitled “When I was Puerto Rican”.

“The Time it Snowed in Puerto Rico” by Sarah McCoy

This book begins early in the year of 1961 and is set in a quiet mountain town in Puerto Rico. This coming of age story follows 11-year-old Verdita for 18 months, and how she handles disappointment, breaking free from the safety of family ties, and the tight hold she has of the dream of experiencing the United States.

If you don’t understand a few words in Spanish, this book may become frustrating. But as the first published book of Sarah McCoy, she offers us a charming read about reaching for your dreams regardless of obstacles that may get in your way.

Sarah McCoy’s personal experiences with Puerto Rico and detailed writing skills leaves the reader “feeling” the breeze from the ocean, “tasting” the rum, and “smelling” the citrus from sour oranges.

Not only is this a perfect read and a great gift for Aries, but also a great choice for a book club discussion.

“Lil Mama’s Rules” by Sheneska Jackson

On the outside, Madison Maguire seems to “have it all” – she is savvy, smart, beautiful and single. She plays by the rules, especially when it comes to dating, and avoids “fakes”, “old flames” and “deadbeats”, but the rules change dramatically when “Mr. Right” enters the picture.

Sheneska Jackson approaches contemporary relationships from a different angle. Within the pages of this book, she will have you laughing, crying and most of all – thinking.

Other bestsellers by Sheneska Jackson are “Caught Up in the Rapture” and “Blessings”

Final Word

Some people may say that individuals born under the horoscope sign of Aries the Ram are too pre-occupied with socializing than to relax with a good book. But, if a book, like any of the 3 book recommendations for Aries we have mentioned above, offers a suspenseful and thought provoking spun tale, then Aries individuals will slow down long enough to spend the time exploring the new world, between the pages of a novel.