Gemini Book Recommendations

Individuals born as a Gemini are clever and witty and will tolerate nothing less when it comes to their reading material. Below are three book recommendations for Gemini’s that will feed their minds with interesting and funny information.

“I Totally Meant to Do That” by Jane Borden

A Southern girl makes her way to the “Big Apple”, and shares her funny experiences while trying to become a New Yorker.

Anyone who has ever lived in New York will certainly appreciate this collection of whimsical tales.

Although this is Jane Borden’s first book, she has made contributions to the New York Times Magazine, Time Out New York, New York Daily News and Modern Bride.

“Animal’s People” by Indra Sinha

Animal is a seventeen-year-old, street-smart boy, who spends his days spying on local officials, and his nights are spent dreaming of Nisha. He gets swept up in the world of scam artists, intrigues and plots that he is determined to turn around to work to his advantage.

His body is badly twisted and he walks with his hands and feet, instead of upright.

This is a funny, profane and an honestly written tale about an unforgettable character, wounds that don’t heal and a spirit that cannot be quenched.

“A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry

During a “State of Emergency” declared by the Indian Government, four strangers are forced to share a tiny apartment and their fears regarding an unstable future.

Follow these characters (a student, a widow, and two tailors), as they move from distrust of each other to a special bond of friendship during unfriendly circumstances.

“Life of Pi” by Yann Martel

Pi Patel is a boy of sixteen who learned of animal behavior from his father – the zookeeper.

The zoo, unfortunately, is closing and the animals need to be transported and relocated to a new home. Halfway through the book, the ship – bound for Canada – sinks leaving Pi on a lifeboat with an orangutan, a hyena, a wounded zebra and a large Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

After a battle of the fittest end, Pi is alone with a 450-pound tiger, and the remainder of the book describes how they survive together, in close quarters, for over 225 days.

At the conclusion of this read, you will have a better understanding of the animal kingdom – including the species of mankind.

“A Breath of Fresh Air” by Amulya Malladi

Anjali married for the second time. Her ailing sons’ health has her in constant worry, but when her first husband shows up – negative feelings of her past bubble to the surface and affect everyone around her.

This book is full of accurate insights to Indian psychology and culture, with a focus on how a woman balances life and makes beneficial choices while wearing the “hats” of wife, ex-wife, mother and working woman

Final Word

Gemini’s are usually not “fluff” readers, their reading material of choice needs to have substance wrapped in truth and then wrapped in humor.

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