Taurus Book Recommendations

The “Bull” appreciates a novel that focuses on perseverance, as it is something that they can truly relate to. Some book recommendations for Taurus are listed below.

“Sorry” by Gail Jones

Set in the Australian outback, “Sorry” is a novel that is beautifully written about horrible events that take place within a dysfunctional family.

Perdita’s distant and seemly uncaring father is murdered, and this book focuses on how Perdita, her friend Mary, her mother, and the neighbor boy, who is a deaf mute, cope as they live in a depressed area. The children are carefree as they play outside and find happiness with each other until one of them confesses to the murder of Perdita’s father.

Stella, Perdita’s mother, is mentally challenged and finds peace within the works of Shakespeare. Eventually, her disease leaves her incapable to care for herself or the children and she is taken to a health care facility.

“Beneath the Lion’s Gaze” by Maaza Mengiste

This is a tale that will pull at your heartstrings, as the author draws you into a story about loyalty and betrayals, regarding a father and his two sons.

The father (Hailu) is sent to jail and one of the sons (Dawit) joins a secret resistance group (which is a decision leads to more bloodshed across all of Ethiopia).

How far will you go in the pursuit of freedom? Start turning the pages and find out the lengths that these characters will go, and the price they are willing to pay for the pursuit of Peace and Freedom.

“The Boy Next Door” by Irene Sabatini

The neighbors are burned to death and their stepson, Ian, is the prime suspect, but authorities released him shortly after questioning. Lindiwe Bishop and Ian become friends but are split apart by circumstances beyond their control.

Years later, Ian returns to Zimbabwe – finds his childhood friend and discovers a secret. This is a powerful and moving story about two individuals that find each other (and discover self-awareness), even in the face of national upheaval.

“Agaat” by Marlene Van Niekerk

Now elderly, Milla, a white farmer in South Africa, retells her life and her unique and longstanding relationship with Agaat (her black maid servant). This story is about family, love, and loyalty.

Another great novel by this author is titled “Triomf”.

“Mukiwa” by Peter Godwin

Follow the war through young, innocent eyes, as we follow this personal journey of a boy growing into a man and returning to his homeland. This compelling adventure has spots of humor that are peppered throughout the pages of this intense story.

Final Word

Individuals born as Taurus have a loyal and determined personality, and they enjoy reading about people and situations that defy all obstacles. Where perseverance will pay off in the end and will leave them with a positive feeling, and reinforce their determination to keep pushing forward in life.

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